Magmic Unveils Authorized MLB Idle Tycoon Web3 Game

Magmic, a gaming company known for titles like “UFC Fight Card Rummy” and “Idle Pet Paradise,” recently announced their newest web3 gaming experience at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. This game, which is based on the Major League Baseball (MLB) license, is an “idle tycoon” game where players can create their own baseball stadium. It will feature licensing from both MLB and the MLB Players Association. While specific gameplay details were not revealed, Magmic CEO Mo Agha mentioned that players will have the ability to build and expand their own MLB ballpark and trade players.

Founded in 2002, Magmic has been a leading developer in the mobile gaming industry. They gained popularity with their Blackberry games, particularly the “Texas Hold ‘Em King” franchise. Over the years, their games have been downloaded over 250 million times, and they currently have millions of players worldwide. Magmic has also developed games based on well-known brands like Hasbro’s Scattergories and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) license.

The new MLB-licensed game by Magmic will support both web3 and web2 gameplay. Players will be able to trade digital assets, such as ballplayers, within the game. It is worth noting that the game can also be played as a traditional web2 experience on mobile and browser, without the need for monetized and asset-based web3 features.

Magmic’s CEO emphasized that the game aims to be enjoyable and easy to play, providing sports fans and mobile gamers with a chance to utilize a player-to-player marketplace and in-game player ownership using Web3 technology. The company is committed to creating a gaming experience that allows true in-game asset ownership, setting it apart in the world of Web3 gaming.

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  1. Magmic has been a pioneer in the mobile gaming industry, and this new MLB game proves their commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering innovative experiences! Always excited to see what they come up with!

  2. I don’t see the appeal of building and expanding a virtual baseball stadium.

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