Kenya Ends Worldcoin Probe: ‘No Further Action’

Worldcoin, a cryptocurrency and digital identity initiative co-developed by OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman, has recently scored a significant accomplishment in Kenya following a suspension order it received in 2023. The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) of Kenya’s National Police Service revealed in an official announcement that the probe into Worldcoin has been terminated. This decision was communicated in a statement dated June 14, 2024, responding to a status update request from Worldcoin’s legal team concerning an investigation begun in May 2024.

The DCI explained that Kenya’s public prosecution team agreed with their findings and directed the cessation of the case against Worldcoin without any additional police activities. The DCI mentioned that they had thoroughly and impartially examined various claims regarding Worldcoin’s operations in Kenya, specifically scrutinizing the suspected illegal gathering and transfer of sensitive personal data.

Following the conclusion of the investigation, the Kenyan authorities put forth recommendations for Worldcoin. They suggested that the company officially register its business within the country and acquire appropriate licenses. Coordination with the Data Protection Commission and the Communication Authority of Kenya was deemed necessary. The DCI advised that any third-party vendors associated with Worldcoin should undergo rigorous vetting and legal agreements.

Expressing gratitude, Thomas Scott, chief legal officer at Tools for Humanity—the organization behind Worldcoin—lauded the DCI’s thorough examination and the decision by the Director of Public Prosecutions to close the matter. In his statement, Scott expressed optimism about Worldcoin’s future in Kenya. He stressed that the favorable outcome marks a new beginning rather than an end and signaled that their collaboration with the Kenyan government would continue, anticipating the resumption of World ID registrations nationwide soon.

Worldcoin officially came into the public eye in July 2023, after spending three years in development. The project’s core mission is to provide mechanisms to distinguish humans from artificial intelligence by employing a technology that scans an individual’s IRIS—Intelligent Retrieval Information System. Once the scanning is successfully completed, Worldcoin issues a World ID, enabling individuals to affirm their human identity online.

Worldcoin’s innovative approach raised alarms among global regulators concerning user privacy and data protection. Shortly after its launch, the platform was banned in Kenya, prompting local authorities to hal250t all biometric identification activities linked to it. In response, Worldcoin expressed its intent to collaborate with the Kenyan government to recommence operations by 2024.

Kenya is not the solitary country to have encountered issues with Worldcoin. Several other nations—such as India, South Korea, Germany, and Brazil—also began scrutinizing the company’s data collection methods. In May 2024, Hong Kong authorities directed Worldcoin to pause its operations due to privacy concerns.

Despite these challenges, the Worldcoin network has shown significant expansion since its inception. As of April 2024, the World App had amassed 10 million total registered users, bolstered by an average of 2 million daily users and over 5 million monthly active users. This growth indicates a robust interest and engagement in Worldcoin’s unique digital identity solutions, despite initial resistance from various regulatory bodies.

While Worldcoin has faced numerous hurdles globally, its recent clearance in Kenya signifies a crucial step forward. The project’s developers remain committed to working with governments and regulators to ensure compliance and secure a favorable operating environment. Worldcoin aims to expand its footprint and continue delivering its one-of-a-kind identity verification service to more users worldwide.

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