SuperRare’s Bitcoin Odyssey: Introducing the ‘No Brainers’ NFT Collection!

SuperRare, a nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace, has entered the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem through a partnership with Gamma, a Bitcoin-based art platform. This move signifies SuperRare’s shift towards becoming more multichain in its operations, as it initially only supported transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. The decision to explore Bitcoin NFTs came after a significant show of interest from SuperRare’s artist community. The platform aims to experiment with Ordinals to provide more opportunities and liquidity for artists. SuperRare Labs’ senior vice president, Zack Yanger, emphasized the potential liquidity that Bitcoin Ordinals brings to artists, stating that it is the largest blockchain with the most potential liquidity. By connecting artists with a new class of crypto collectors, SuperRare considers this a significant accomplishment.

Yanger discovered the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem in 2023 and met numerous professionals working within the space. There has been substantial development within Ordinals, with thoughtful and intelligent teams building on it, he observed. Not all members of the crypto community share the same enthusiasm for the protocol. Some criticize Ordinals for introducing digital spam into the Bitcoin network. Despite the skepticism, Yanger firmly believes in the staying power of Bitcoin Ordinals. He predicts a bright future specifically for the higher value end of the digital art market, where higher transaction fees are less of a concern.

Yanger also expressed curiosity about the future of inscription fees as Bitcoin’s price continues to rise. Bitcoin recently reached a new all-time high of $73,737.94 on March 14, according to CoinGecko. With its debut on Bitcoin Ordinals, SuperRare collaborated with the artist Killer Acid for an NFT collection called “No Brainers.” Killer Acid is known for their mysterious, humorous, and intricate psychedelic art. This collaboration signifies SuperRare’s commitment to expanding its presence in the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem and providing new opportunities for artists.

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