Jack Dorsey’s Bold Prediction: Bitcoin to Hit $1 Million by 2030

In an interview with journalist Mike Solana on Pirate Wires, Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter, expressed optimism about the future of Bitcoin. He stated that he believes the price of Bitcoin could potentially reach $1 million by 2030 and even surpass that value. Dorsey, who is currently the head of the financial services firm Block, highlighted the collaborative nature of the Bitcoin ecosystem as the most fascinating aspect, emphasizing that collective efforts to improve the network contribute to its price appreciation.

Dorsey’s departure from the board of BlueSky, a decentralized Twitter alternative he helped launch in 2019, raised questions. He explained that Bluesky was not truly decentralized and had started to make similar mistakes to those made by Twitter. Originally, Bluesky aimed to be an open-source protocol on which social media platforms could build, separating the protocol layer from the application layer to reduce censorship risks. It became more like a traditional company with investors and a board, moving away from the decentralized vision.

Dorsey expressed his alignment with Nostr, a platform that offers an anonymous and open protocol without centralized control. His decision to delete his Bluesky account and support Nostr stems from his belief in censorship resistance.

In a note to shareholders, Dorsey announced that Block would allocate 10% of its gross profit from Bitcoin-related products to buying more Bitcoin each month. This decision comes after reports that federal prosecutors in the United States were investigating Block’s compliance violations at its payment divisions, Square and Cash App.

Dorsey’s bullish outlook for Bitcoin’s future price indicates his belief in its long-term potential. He sees the collaborative nature of the Bitcoin ecosystem as a driving force behind its growth and emphasizes the significance of decentralized solutions like Nostr in resisting censorship. Despite the challenges faced by his previous venture, Bluesky, Dorsey remains dedicated to supporting the development and adoption of Bitcoin through his company, Block.

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  1. Collaborative nature of the Bitcoin ecosystem? More like a bunch of speculators trying to make a quick buck.

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