Sports Illustrated Shifts NFT Ticketing Platform to Avalanche

Sports Illustrated Tickets, the ticketing division of the popular US sports magazine, has announced that it is shifting its nonfungible token (NFT) ticketing platform, known as “Box Office,” from the Polygon blockchain to Avalanche. This move comes almost 10 months after the platform’s initial launch. On February 20, SI Tickets revealed a collaboration with Ava Labs, the developers of the Avalanche network. This partnership will enable the NFT ticketing platform to create NFT tickets by utilizing the Avalanche blockchain. Avalanche will help Box Office enhance event tickets, turning them into dynamic content that can engage attendees.

Box Office was initially launched on the Polygon blockchain in May 2023. Its purpose was to provide event organizers with the ability to offer exclusive benefits to their guests, such as fast-track entry passes, drink vouchers, and pre-event music downloads. NFT ticket holders also had the opportunity to gain post-event video content and other rewards tied to their ticket. In a statement to , SI Tickets CEO David Lane explained that while the company had previously partnered with Polygon, it has now decided to mint its NFT tickets using Avalanche. Lane expressed confidence in the resources, technology, and expertise that Ava Labs would bring to the partnership.

Lane highlighted the advantages of integrating NFT technology into ticketing systems. Traditionally, ticket utility ceases once they are scanned at event entrances, rendering them useless and disposable. NFT ticketing can change this paradigm, allowing barcodes to become engagement and activation opportunities between event owners, venues, performers, sponsors, and attendees. Lane further emphasized the burgeoning intersection of NFTs and sports. He believes that the expanding NFT sports market is attracting sports fans to the Web3 space and predicts continued growth as fans recognize the value of NFT offerings. Lane stated that ticketing is a compelling use case for NFTs and blockchain adoption, not only in sports but across various live events.

The utilization of blockchain-based tickets brings benefits to event owners, offering opportunities for engagement through content that can be monetized. Lane believes that this creates additional revenue streams and opportunities. Ticket holders can enjoy access to exclusive content and rewards, enhancing their overall event experience.

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