Belong Joins Cointelegraph Accelerator: Events Now Offer NFT Tickets

The event industry faces ongoing challenges that impact its effectiveness and reputation. One major issue is ticket fraud, which is expected to double in 2023. Another pressing challenge is the struggle to engage attendees in a meaningful way. With the rise of digital interaction and content consumption, many events fail to capture and sustain the attention of their audiences. This is especially evident in creating anticipation before events, maintaining live interaction during events, and continuing the conversation after events.

Traditional ticketing systems have also been inefficient, with slow response times and a lack of flexibility. This leads to a frustrating experience for users, with cumbersome purchasing processes and entry delays. The one-size-fits-all approach fails to meet the diverse needs of event-goers.

One potential solution to these problems is the integration of blockchain technology. By utilizing nonfungible tokens (NFTs), the traditional ticketing process can be improved. Belong, an app that provides access to events and conferences, introduces a token-gating system where event organizers can sell NFT passes that serve as unique keys to exclusive offerings. These NFT tickets curb ticket fraud and unauthorized duplication, providing a verifiable solution.

Beyond security, Belong’s platform also enhances attendee engagement. It integrates features such as private chat rooms, personalized event schedules, and community connectivity. This fosters a sense of belonging among event-goers, creating an interactive participant experience that traditional ticketing systems struggle to provide.

For organizers, Belong imposes a minimal 2% fee on ticket sales, allowing for instant payouts and fundraising opportunities. Tokenized access also enables increased profitability through royalties from secondary sales, enhanced marketing efforts with data, loyalty rewards, and seamless integration with modern technology.

Belong has recently joined the Accelerator program, which aims to boost promising Web3 startups. The app’s innovative solution to industry challenges led to its inclusion in the program. Belong is currently accessible on iOS and the web, with plans to expand to Android. The platform has already experienced significant growth with 20,000 users and over 1,000 communities.

Belong aims to replace traditional keys, tickets, and memberships with unforgeable NFTs that reward creators and eliminate speculators. The app seeks to address the challenges facing the event industry and provide a more secure and engaging experience for both attendees and organizers.

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