Bitcoin Rally to $71K Could Erase $1.38B in Shorts

If Bitcoin swiftly rebounds from its recent decline back to its June 6 level of $71,000, over a billion dollars in short positions will be liquidated. Bitcoin experienced a drop of 3.33% on June 7, slipping to $68,507 before partially recovering to stay above the critical threshold of $69,000. This drop was catalyzed by the broader macroeconomic uncertainty linked to the United States Employment Situation Summary Report, which revealed an unexpected surge in job growth for May.

This downturn in Bitcoin’s price was mirrored by other cryptocurrencies. Ether (ETH) saw a 3.58% decline within 24 hours, while altcoins like Solana (SOL), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Pepe (PEPE) also experienced losses of 5.61%, 8.70%, and 9.99%, respectively, as reported by CoinMarketCap data. Consequently, the market’s plunge led to a significant $409.51 million wipeout of short and long positions across various cryptocurrencies, according to CoinGlass data. Notably, $56.71 million of those losses were long positions in Bitcoin alone.

Just days before Bitcoin’s price tumble, on June 5 and 6, the cryptocurrency’s value fluctuated between $70,000 and $71,662, igniting hopes among traders that it might edge closer to its all-time high of $73,679. The subsequent decline suggests that the optimism was premature.

Currently, traders seem to be betting against a quick rebound of Bitcoin’s price. The market sentiment is so skewed towards shorting that if Bitcoin returns to $71,000, it would lead to $1.38 billion in long positions being wiped out. This indicates that futures traders are largely expecting further declines in Bitcoin’s price.

The recent trends have left investors puzzled, especially considering Bitcoin’s sustained positive inflows into exchange-traded funds (ETFs) over a 19-day period. Despite these inflows, Bitcoin’s price has struggled to surpass its all-time high set in March. This has led to scrutiny and speculation about the driving factors behind Bitcoin’s price dynamics.

On June 7, highlighted that analysts believe several factors influence Bitcoin’s price, and ETFs alone cannot drive significant changes in the market. Charlie Edwards, founder of Capriole Investments, commented that while ETF flows are positive, they aren’t powerful enough to counterbalance the overall market selling.

Crypto trader Christopher Inks also emphasized that the cryptocurrency market comprises multiple components, including spot trading, futures, ETFs, and options. Each of these elements plays a role in shaping the market’s behavior and price movements, further complicating the analysis.

The outlook for Bitcoin remains uncertain as various market forces continue to interact. Traders and investors are closely watching to see if Bitcoin can break through its current barriers or if further declines are on the horizon. The interplay of ETFs, futures, and broader economic factors will likely continue to play a critical role in determining the cryptocurrency’s future trajectory.

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  1. This market is so skewed and manipulated Can’t trust anything in the crypto world anymore.

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