Bitcoin’s New Use Case via BTCfi: DLC.Link Co-Founder

Bitcoin is often regarded as one of the most promising investments ever, with many investors optimistically speculating that its best days are still in front of it. Should Bitcoin achieve the ambitious price predictions of $100,000 to $3 million, the holders of this cryptocurrency will reap significant benefits. Despite their optimism, data suggests that holders are hesitant to part with their Bitcoin, often missing ideal buying and selling opportunities due to poor timing.

This reluctance creates a “stranded value” scenario in the Bitcoin market, where many investors cannot or choose not to capitalize on the potential gains. The current market landscape offers limited secure avenues for holders to earn a return, leverage Bitcoin as collateral, or tap into the profitable features of decentralized finance (DeFi).

In a recent podcast episode, hosts Ray Salmond and Jonathan DeYoung explored these new developments with Aki Balogh, the co-founder and CEO of DLC.Link. Balogh opened the conversation by noting that two years ago, Bitcoin was somewhat akin to a “pet rock.” It had great potential, but many struggled to unlock its value or realize gains effectively. Balogh emphasized that idle capital could be put to better use, yielding more currency or tokens by investing it.

He highlighted Bitcoin’s massive market cap, which stands at $1.35 trillion. The investment options available for Bitcoin holders have largely been centralized platforms like BitGo, which issues wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) as an IOU, or experimental DeFi platforms that sometimes risk a complete loss of funds. DLC.Link proposes a unique solution by allowing depositors to “self-wrap” their Bitcoin. This method ensures that Bitcoin remains in the depositor’s control while enabling them to use and invest it.

Balogh elaborated on the process by saying that DLC BTC on Ethereum can be verified because it’s locked on-chain in a specified UTXO on Bitcoin. Users can then use and invest this DLC BTC, backed by actual Bitcoin. When the DLC BTC is burned, the original Bitcoin is unlocked, making this system transparent and secure.

Addressing concerns about custodial risks and security threats, Balogh stressed that DLC.Link never takes possession of anyone’s Bitcoin. They are neither a chain nor a custodian but simply provide the software that allows users to lock their Bitcoin securely. By retaining their private keys, users maintain perpetual access to their Bitcoin. If a user loses their private key, there’s no recovery possible, which is a risk inherent to all cryptocurrencies.

Balogh’s discussion also delved into new features and future plans for DLC.Link, providing valuable insights into the evolving Bitcoin landscape. For those interested in gaining further insights, the full episode is available on various podcast platforms such as ’s Podcasts page, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.

This podcast episode is a part of ’s extensive lineup of shows, each offering a deep dive into different aspects of the cryptocurrency world.

28 thoughts on “Bitcoin’s New Use Case via BTCfi: DLC.Link Co-Founder

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