Bitget CEO Gracy Chen’s Vision to Transform Crypto Industry

Despite its innovative and progressive stance, the cryptocurrency industry continues to be predominantly male, particularly in leadership positions. Yet, on May 21, Bitget, a cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 firm, marked a significant shift by appointing Gracy Chen as its new CEO. Chen, who succeeded Sandra Lou, brings years of leadership experience from both within and outside the Web3 realm. To delve deeper into her new role as the lone female CEO among top crypto exchanges and the unique viewpoints she offers, reached out to her.

With a user base of 25 million, Bitget stands as one of the most prominent crypto exchanges, ranking among the top five futures trading platforms and top 10 spot trading platforms globally. Operating in over 100 countries, Chen aims to challenge the male-dominated industry standards. She remarked to that her role as the only female CEO in top crypto exchanges is “truly an honor,” as it broadens the company’s vision. Women leaders, she believes, bring a collaborative approach that is essential in the crypto space.

As Chen transitions into her new role, her chief priorities include ensuring regulatory compliance across various regions where the company operates, promoting long-term growth in emerging markets, and backing women-focused initiatives like mentorship programs and networking events. These efforts are designed to empower women and youth within the crypto industry.

Initiatives for inclusion and diversity are not new to Chen. She has spearheaded the $10 million #Blockchain4Her initiative aimed at elevating and empowering women contributors in the blockchain arena. Through tailored educational programs, workshops, and mentorships, this project seeks to foster greater female involvement in the sector. Currently, over 50% of managerial roles at Bitget are held by women, showing a strong commitment to women-led initiatives.

Chen announced the upcoming launch of a new incubation program focused on female entrepreneurs. This initiative will provide a platform for women to pitch their innovations and secure potential investments. Three notable women have already joined the B4H Ambassador Program: Tess Hau of Tess Ventures, Yevheniia Broshevan of Hacken, and Cecilia Hsueh of the Layer-2 project Morph.

In her previous position, Chen concentrated on expanding Bitget’s user base and enhancing user experience. Moving forward, she aims to solidify the exchange’s global presence. Security and compliance are also high on her agenda, areas in which the company has already made significant progress. These efforts have built user trust and substantially increased their user base. Recently, Bitget secured licenses in Poland and Lithuania and is exploring similar opportunities in other regions.

A notable achievement for Bitget was the 2023 launch of the “Bitget Card,” a crypto-backed credit card partnered with Visa, allowing users to utilize cryptocurrency beyond mere investment purposes. Chen plans to further develop services that support this integration.

Numerous initiatives in the blockchain and crypto sector have aimed to equip users with essential knowledge and tools to thrive in a tech-centric world. For example, programs like Binance’s scholarship initiatives and the Blockchain 4 Youth program have educated thousands through campus lectures and workshops globally. Bitget plans to invest $10 million over the next five years into similar initiatives. Chen believes a future based on blockchain is vital for fostering new solutions and encouraging acceptance of this new digital world.

Educating the younger generation about Web3’s potential is crucial, according to Chen, so they can fully benefit and lead this technological movement. This viewpoint is widely shared in the crypto industry, with data from Stilt indicating that Gen Z and Millennials already make up nearly 94% of all crypto buyers.

As a female leader in a fast-paced and evolving industry, Chen values continuous learning and adaptability. She considers these traits big assets and key to navigating and succeeding in the cryptocurrency landscape.

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