Cristiano Ronaldo Launches 4th NFT Collection Amid $1B Lawsuit

Portuguese football icon Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed the launch of his fourth collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in collaboration with Binance. This new collection is scheduled to debut on May 29 on the Binance NFT Marketplace. It is designed to celebrate Ronaldo’s illustrious career by highlighting various memorable moments from his journey in football. According to a blog post by Binance, Ronaldo expressed his enthusiasm about the venture, stating that his football career has taken him around the world, allowing him to play for some of the most esteemed clubs globally. He invited his fans to join him on this journey through the NFT collection.

The precise number of NFTs in this latest series will be disclosed only once the collection is officially launched. As of now, there has been no information regarding the pricing of these NFTs. The blog post did mention that all “Normal NFTs” would be priced uniformly, whereas the “final Super Rare NFT” in the collection will have a unique pricing structure.

Ronaldo’s previous NFT collections have offered more than just digital assets. They have included perks that extend into real-life experiences. Notably, some NFT holders have had the opportunity to engage in exclusive activities such as playing football with Ronaldo himself, which was a prime attraction in Binance’s promotional campaign. Thus, fans are eagerly anticipating what additional benefits this new collection might offer.

Ronaldo’s NFT ventures have not been without controversy. Back in November 2023, the football superstar was embroiled in a class action lawsuit filed in a Florida district court in the United States. The lawsuit targeted his previous involvement in NFT sales conducted in partnership with Binance. Plaintiffs in the case accused Ronaldo of promoting unregistered securities, claiming he assisted and actively participated in these sales alongside Binance.

The legal troubles for Ronaldo coincided with ongoing issues faced by Binance. The platform’s founder, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, had legal battles of his own which eventually culminated in a significant ruling. In April 2024, Zhao was found guilty in the U.S. of facilitating fraud and was sentenced to four months in detention for his role in a purported money laundering operation.

Despite these challenges, Binance continues to operate and expand its offerings in the NFT market. The platform has garnered a substantial following due to its engagement with high-profile personalities like Ronaldo. The footballer’s involvement brings additional visibility and credibility, despite the legal scrutiny both parties have faced.

For Ronaldo, this new NFT collection signifies more than just digital memorabilia; it serves as a bridge connecting his fans to his illustrious football journey. His career, marked by numerous awards and milestones, can now be celebrated in a novel way for the digital age. Fans and collectors alike are keenly awaiting the launch to see which iconic moments will be immortalized in these new NFTs.

While the past legal issues cannot be ignored, the anticipation for Cristiano Ronaldo’s fourth NFT collection remains high. This collection promises to offer his global fan base a unique way to engage with their football hero, adding another dimension to his already profound legacy in the sport.

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