Casper Labs & IBM Unveil Prove AI on watsonx

Casper Labs, a provider specializing in blockchain software and services, is set to integrate its new product Prove AI with IBM’s governance platform, watsonx.governance. This initiative was announced by Mrinal Manohar, the CEO of Casper Labs, at the IBM Think conference. Prove AI has secured its first design partner. The primary goal of Prove AI is to enhance the security, version control, multi-party access control, and advanced auditing features of generative artificial intelligence (AI) training data sets through comprehensive audit logs.

The foundation for Prove AI is the Casper blockchain, a network that supports both permissioned and permissionless environments. According to a statement from Casper Labs, Prove AI can be seamlessly integrated with watsonx.governance and is fully compatible with IBM’s services. As regulatory bodies start demanding higher accountability from businesses utilizing AI, there is an increased necessity for organizations to mitigate risks associated with their AI ventures. Manohar emphasized this urgent need during his announcement.

One of the standout features of Prove AI is its ability to revert to previous versions of data sets. This feature is particularly useful for diagnosing various issues such as hallucinations, biases, and performance anomalies in AI models. The development of this AI governance solution was done in partnership with IBM Consulting, under a collaboration that was made public earlier in January. The design of Prove AI leverages IBM’s established analytics and policy enforcement capabilities.

Governance in the AI sector may soon require compliance with legislative frameworks such as the European Union’s AI Act, which was passed in March. Industry-specific standards set by regulators could also play a role. For its first design partnership, Prove AI has enlisted GreyscaleAI. This California-based company specializes in building and managing inspection systems for industries like food, beverage, and pharmaceuticals. They utilize high-resolution X-ray imaging and AI algorithms to detect packaging errors and foreign materials in products.

The beta version of Prove AI is already in place, and GreyscaleAI is among the initial users testing it. The fully-developed version of Prove AI is slated for a launch in the third quarter of 2024. In other news announced at IBM Think, the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority has partnered with IBM to incorporate its ALLaM Arabic text generation model into the watsonx platform. IBM also revealed plans to automate up to 30% of its back-end workforce, equivalent to around 7,800 jobs, with AI over the next five years.

Casper Labs made its entry into the blockchain realm in 2020, transitioning from Ethereum. By 2021, the company launched its native token, CSPR, which has garnered significant interest from investors. The token reached its peak trading value of $0.056 on January 4 of this year and was trading at $0.030 as of May 21, with a trading volume of $10 million and a market capitalization of $355 million.

The integration of Prove AI with IBM’s governance platform marks an important milestone for both companies, illustrating the growing emphasis on responsible AI usage and the need for robust governance mechanisms. As AI continues to evolve, such initiatives will likely become increasingly essential in ensuring the ethical and effective deployment of AI technologies. The involvement of regulatory bodies and compliance with new legislation will further cement the importance of governance in AI projects.

Casper Labs’ strides in blending blockchain technology with AI governance signal a forward-thinking approach that could serve as a template for other organizations in the tech industry. This move not only aims to align with regulatory dictates but also aims to provide businesses with tools to de-risk their AI operations, thereby fostering greater trust and reliability in AI applications across various sectors.

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