Bitcoin: The Valuable Digital Canvas

The lead artist behind the Bitcoin art community “Nurorealm” recently expressed their excitement about inscribing their 3D art on a valuable digital asset known as the “epic sat.” This achievement was made possible by winning an auction held on April 25, where they and the Bitcoin art community “Book of Blob” claimed the latest epic sat, which happened to be the first satoshi mined in a new Bitcoin halving block. The winning artist, Nuro, described the experience as surreal and a dream come true.

The artwork, titled “Spike #1,” is the first 3D neurogenerative piece of art to be inscribed on Bitcoin’s Ordinals protocol. Nuro’s Nurorealm aims to create a community where individuals can express themselves through art and technology, with the goal of “freeing the mind” and preserving human consciousness on the Bitcoin blockchain. The 3D art piece also included music and the AI-generated voice of Claire Boucher, known as “Grimes.”

The creation of the original art took over 12 months and involved the collaboration of multiple Bitcoin artists, including Eloc, EPIC CHEF STEAKTOSHI, and Bop. Nuro emphasized that every artist and member of the Bitcoin Ordinals community dreams of owning and inscribing their work on the epic sat, making this achievement a significant milestone.

The winning bid for the epic sat was placed by Book of Blob’s Asia lead, “XBT,” who made a bid of 33.3 Bitcoin (BTC), equivalent to $2.13 million at the time. This bid surpassed the previous highest bid of 20 BTC. The majority of funding for the bid came from the Blob team and its community. Although one sat is currently worth $0.00065, special sats like the one claimed by Book of Blobs hold additional value due to their collectible nature within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

The auction, held by ViaBTC’s partner cryptocurrency exchange CoinEx Global, was viewed as an event of exceptional significance for the Bitcoin ecosystem. ViaBTC noted that allocating these special sats to communities in greater need is a more effective way to support the development of Bitcoin beyond its traditional use as a peer-to-peer cash transfer system. This event serves as a testament to the growing importance of Bitcoin art communities and their contribution to the blockchain space.

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  1. I can’t believe people are actually spending real money on this nonsense.

  2. Allocating special sats to communities in need? How about allocating them to something actually useful?

  3. Who even listens to AI-generated voices like Grimes’? It’s just creepy. 🤖

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