Starknet Foundation’s $5M Grant Program Launched

The Starknet Foundation has introduced a new grant program to support emerging projects on its network with $5 million worth of USDC. The Seed Grants Program aims to assist 200 promising teams by offering $25,000 USD Coin per recipient, providing a final push for final-stage projects to launch on Starknet. Starknet is an Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution that uses ZK-rollup technology. The $5 million grants program was created in response to feedback from developers facing challenges on Starknet. Diego Oliva, the CEO of Starknet Foundation, explained that the program was intended to address these challenges and support creative and visionary teams in getting their projects over the finish line with minimal bureaucracy.

The grants are specifically targeting projects related to Starknet that have already developed a minimum viable product (MVP) or proof-of-concept. The main goal is to foster more blockchain innovation by reducing barriers and burdens that young teams face when starting a project. Starknet has been attracting an increasing number of developers to its ecosystem, with over 22,400 monthly developers in December 2023, a 113% growth compared to December 2020, according to its developer report.

When asked about the most exciting projects and protocol categories building on Starknet, Oliva highlighted blockchain gaming as a top use case. He mentioned projects such as Realms, Influence, and Dojo that are leading the way in fully on-chain gaming on Starknet. The gaming sector is growing rapidly, with more teams adopting the Dojo standard and testing the capabilities of the network. Blockchain gaming accounted for 35% of total decentralized application (DApp) activity and had over 2.2 million daily unique active wallets, according to DappRadar data. Gaming is not only important for gamers but also for testing and demonstrating the power of the network.

The $5 million Seed Grants Program aims to provide support to promising teams on Starknet by offering financial assistance and reducing barriers to innovation. By targeting projects that have already developed an MVP or proof-of-concept, the program aims to help these projects reach the production stage. The growth of Starknet’s developer community and the increasing interest in blockchain gaming highlight the potential and capabilities of the network.

9 thoughts on “Starknet Foundation’s $5M Grant Program Launched

  1. It’s fantastic to hear that the grants are specifically targeting projects that have already developed an MVP or proof-of-concept. This will ensure that the funds are used effectively to bring these projects to fruition.

  2. This announcement feels more like a PR stunt than a sincere effort to support innovation. Starknet should prove themselves through actions, not just words.

  3. It’s hard to take Starknet seriously when they are just copying other successful projects instead of coming up with their own unique ideas.

  4. I’m not convinced that Starknet is the best scaling solution out there. There are plenty of other options that deserve attention and support. ‍🌈

  5. It’s disappointing to see Starknet focusing on the gaming sector. There are so many other areas where blockchain technology can be utilized.

  6. I’m skeptical about the effectiveness of this program. Will these recipients actually be able to launch their projects successfully?

  7. The Seed Grants Program is a clear sign of Starknet’s potential and capabilities. The network’s developer community has been growing steadily, and this initiative will only amplify that growth.

  8. The financial assistance provided by the Seed Grants Program will significantly reduce barriers to innovation and pave the way for more exciting projects to thrive on Starknet. It’s an exciting time for the network! 💫

  9. I’m not impressed by Starknet’s approach to innovation. There are better networks out there that offer more support and resources. 🙅‍♀️

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