Avalanche Partners with Stripe for Fiat-to-Crypto Onboarding

Avalanche C-Chain network has partnered with the payment firm Stripe to allow verified Stripe users to purchase and send Avalanche (AVAX) to their wallets. This integration aims to address the “cold start problem” in Web3, where users may lack sufficient funds in their wallets to carry out transactions on the platform. By collaborating with Stripe, Avalanche developers can now embed a customizable widget into their interfaces, enabling users to convert fiat to crypto using Stripe’s platform. In addition to this integration, eight Avalanche Web3 apps have also integrated with the platform.

The eight apps that have announced their integration with the widget include Avalanche Core portfolio app, staking protocol GoGoPool, Avvy username service, social media platform The Arena, NFT marketplace Zeroone, Halliday wallet, web development platform Pakt, and blockchain games DeFi Kingdoms and Shrapnel. Stripe will handle all the Know Your Customer (KYC), payment processing, fraud prevention, and compliance requirements, allowing developers to focus on enhancing their apps.

The integration with Stripe provides Core portfolio users with the ability to create Avalanche accounts using their Google or Apple ID and fund them through bank transfers, debit cards, or credit cards. The head of consumer products at Ava Labs, Akash Gupta, believes that this integration will contribute to the global adoption of cryptocurrencies, emphasizing the goal of providing users with intuitive and streamlined solutions. By bridging the gap between crypto and fiat currencies, Core aims to facilitate seamless onboarding and broader consumer acceptance of digital currencies in daily transactions.

In addition to the partnership with Avalanche, Stripe has also announced its integration of stablecoin payments using Circle’s USDC on Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon. This further exemplifies Stripe’s commitment to facilitating the integration of cryptocurrencies into its payment platform, expanding the options available to users and promoting the adoption of digital assets.

7 thoughts on “Avalanche Partners with Stripe for Fiat-to-Crypto Onboarding

  1. So now Stripe is getting involved with crypto? Can’t they stick to what they’re good at?

  2. It’s like every company wants to be associated with crypto now, even if it makes no sense for their business model.

  3. I’m thrilled about this partnership! It’s a step towards a more seamless and widespread use of cryptocurrencies in daily transactions. Way to go, Avalanche and Stripe!

  4. I highly doubt this partnership will contribute to the global adoption of cryptocurrencies. It’s just another marketing ploy.

  5. Seriously, another payment firm partnering with a blockchain? When will this madness end?

  6. Kudos to Ava Labs for their commitment to global adoption and providing intuitive solutions. This partnership will undoubtedly bridge the gap between crypto and fiat currencies.

  7. This integration won’t solve the cold start problem. It’ll just create more problems and confusion for users.

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