Toncoin Targeted as Telegram-TON Collaboration Makes Waves

Scammers have been targeting Telegram users who hold Toncoin tokens by promoting a referral scheme that aims to steal their tokens. This scam has been operating since November 2023, coinciding with the increased interest in the Open Network (TON) blockchain and Toncoin. The scammers trick users into joining an unofficial Telegram bot that supposedly stores cryptocurrency and asks them to link their Web3 wallet to the bot’s system. They also instruct users to purchase Toncoins through official channels such as the Telegram bot, P2P markets, or crypto exchanges to create a false sense of credibility. The scammers then convince victims to buy “boosters” using a separate bot, claiming that it is necessary to start earning. This is the point at which the scammers make their money, as users lose control of their cryptocurrency after purchasing the boosters.

The costs of these boosters range from 5 to 500 Toncoins, causing users to lose between $2 and $2,700 in the targeted pyramid scheme. In addition to this, the scammers promote a referral program that requires victims to create private Telegram groups and invite friends and contacts. The scammers provide a referral link with video instructions in Russian and English. To participate in the scheme, users must have five successful referrals. The scammers promise earnings from two sources: a fixed payment of 25 TON for each invited friend and commission based on the booster tariff purchased by referrals. Kaspersky’s analysts explain that this scam follows the classic pyramid scheme, where participants are partners rather than freeloaders, but Only the scammers profit, and all partners lose their investments.

It is unclear how many users have been affected and the total amount of funds lost. has reached out to Kaspersky for additional information, and this article will be updated with new information.

4 thoughts on “Toncoin Targeted as Telegram-TON Collaboration Makes Waves

  1. The audacity of these scammers to target Telegram users! We need stricter regulations to protect people online.

  2. It’s heartbreaking to hear about innocent people losing their hard-earned money to these scammers! Let’s expose them and spread awareness.

  3. Scammers are constantly evolving, and we must stay one step ahead! 🚀 Let’s be vigilant and protect our investments from these fraudulent schemes. ⚡💰

  4. Scammers are getting smarter, but so are we! Let’s stay educated and protect ourselves and others from falling into their traps.

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