Robot Baristas: The Future of Coffee and Crypto

Peaq, XMAQUINA, and ELOOP recently showcased a tokenized coffee-serving robot at Token2049 in Dubai. This fully-automated robot, powered by blockchain technology, served coffee to attendees who earned crypto rewards for each cup sold. XMAQUINA, using Peaq IDs for identity management, utilized Peaq’s layer-1 blockchain for smart contracts and setting up machine pools. The first machine pool launched represented the revenues generated by a tokenized robo-cafe in Europe, with token holders receiving a portion of the sales. XMAQUINA aims to give people equity in automation and create new economic growth by tokenizing revenues from autonomous robots.

The co-founder and CEO of XMAQUINA, Mauricio Zolliker, explained that their use of a DePIN-based coffee-serving robot demonstrates how Web3 technologies can assist humans in managing automation. While the fear of automation eliminating jobs is real, XMAQUINA believes that tokenizing revenues allows anyone to become a stakeholder in robotics, fostering economic growth and job creation. By using Peaq IDs, XMAQUINA ensures secure and trustless interactions between users, technology, and robots, while anonymized usage data can be stored on-chain for maintenance purposes.

When asked about potential applications for the DePIN model, Zolliker stated that any machine that can create value autonomously would be a good fit. XMAQUINA is already exploring various sectors for potential use cases, including logistics, agriculture, manufacturing, service, and hospitality. Zolliker emphasizes that people should not fear robots taking their jobs when they can earn from these robots. Instead, individuals should have a stake in automation to ensure an equitable future.

This demonstration of a tokenized coffee-serving robot highlights the potential of blockchain technology and automation. By giving people the opportunity to earn from autonomous robots, XMAQUINA hopes to create a more sustainable and inclusive approach to automation. With the ability to tokenize various real-world assets, blockchain technology could revolutionize industries and allow individuals to become stakeholders in the future of automation.

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