Meta’s VR Education Metaverse: Learning for Ages 13 and Up

On April 15, Meta, the social media giant, announced that it will be introducing its enterprise-level Quest services to the education sector. The company’s Quest virtual reality (VR) headsets have gained significant popularity, becoming the most sought-after extended reality (XR) headsets in the market, as stated by Statista. The education sector is predicted to have more than 34 million installed users by the end of 2024, exhibiting a compound annual growth rate of approximately 27.3% since 2020. In an effort to maintain its leading position, Meta recently unveiled various products and services targeted at the enterprise metaverse market.

Meta’s shift away from personalized gaming experiences and one-time immersive environments toward the enterprise metaverse market was previously reported by . The company’s next move appears to be an intensified focus on educational products and services. Nick Clegg, Meta’s president of global affairs, shared in a blog post that Meta will be launching a new product for Quest devices dedicated to education. The product will enable teachers, trainers, and administrators to access education-specific apps and features, allowing them to manage multiple Quest devices simultaneously without having to update and prepare each device individually.

The name and details of the new product will be revealed in the following months, and a full launch is expected by the end of 2024. It will be available in the Quest for Business market, which includes many territories in Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, and the United States. Meta showcased several examples of educational institutions that have already incorporated Quest headsets into their programs. For instance, the University of Glasgow offers a life sciences course that immerses students inside the human body using the VR headset. New Mexico State University uses Quest headsets in its criminal justice course, allowing users to experience a virtual crime scene. Stanford University employs Quest headsets in a business class to help students prepare for interviews.

3 thoughts on “Meta’s VR Education Metaverse: Learning for Ages 13 and Up

  1. It’s amazing to witness how VR technology, like Meta’s Quest headsets, is transforming education. 🚀 This is a significant development that will benefit students worldwide. 🌍

  2. I don’t trust Meta to provide a quality educational product. They’re more interested in data mining and invasion of privacy.

  3. I don’t want my kids being strapped to VR headsets all day. They need real, human interaction. 😔

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