Open-source Bitcoin Education: Spreading Global Financial Literacy

Mi Primer Bitcoin, a Bitcoin education initiative based in El Salvador, has announced the launch of its updated Bitcoin Diploma program. The program, which was initially launched in 2021 to coincide with El Salvador’s adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender, has been developed in collaboration with Bitcoin educators and enthusiasts from around the world to provide a comprehensive curriculum on various aspects of Bitcoin. The biggest update to the program is its new open-source nature, with all materials freely available on GitHub. The aim is to encourage collaboration and translation efforts worldwide.

John Dennehy, the founder and executive director of Mi Primer Bitcoin, highlighted the transformative potential of Bitcoin education in fostering creativity, innovation, and long-term planning. He described this curriculum update as a significant step in the initiative’s mission to empower the world through Bitcoin education. Dennehy also mentioned that the new infrastructure allows for better communication and best practice guidelines, making it easier for people to adapt the program to their local context. Many translations are already underway, with the previous diploma having been translated into nine languages in a year.

Since its inception, the previous diploma program has been taught to over 25,000 students in El Salvador and has led to several graduation ceremonies. In September 2023, Mi Primer Bitcoin partnered with the Ministry of Education of El Salvador to include Bitcoin in the public school curriculum by 2024. The initiative has expanded its reach beyond El Salvador, collaborating with educational institutions and governments internationally. Bitcoin Cuba has also announced its upcoming collaboration with Mi Primer Bitcoin to bring Bitcoin education to local communities. The updated Bitcoin Diploma program is an important step in spreading Bitcoin education globally and empowering individuals through financial literacy in the Bitcoin era.

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