Polygon zkEVM Experiences Sequencer Issues, Temporarily Down

Polygon, a popular Ethereum scaling protocol, has reported that its zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) is currently experiencing downtime due to an issue with its blockchain sequencer. Polygon quickly reassured its two million followers that this issue is specific to the zkEVM and does not impact any other chain deployed using the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK).

The problem lies with the blockchain sequencer, which is responsible for organizing and combining transactions into batches before sending them to the Polygon zkEVM smart contract on Ethereum’s L1. Polygon is actively working to resolve this issue and has assured users that a comprehensive “post-mortem” statement will be released once the matter is resolved.

Some members of the crypto community were questioning why there hasn’t been much discussion about the unexpected extended network downtime of the Polygon zkEVM. Users on a platform called X, such as 0xngmi and Mirza.inj, expressed their surprise and mentioned the lack of attention this issue has received.

Polygon introduced the zkEVM to its mainnet beta in March 2023, aiming to provide developers with the ability to deploy smart contracts with increased finality and lower costs. This development was seen as a way to replicate the transaction execution environment of Ethereum’s mainnet. Polygon highlighted that the open-source zkEVM enables decentralized applications (DApps) to scale through transaction batching, thereby improving performance.

In the meantime, Polygon is focused on resolving the issue with the zkEVM and ensuring a smooth operation for its users. By isolating the problem to the zkEVM and reassuring users that other chains using the CDK are unaffected, Polygon aims to minimize the impact of this downtime on its broader ecosystem. With the growing popularity of Ethereum scaling solutions like Polygon, the community is eagerly awaiting a resolution to this issue to resume their activities on the platform.

2 thoughts on “Polygon zkEVM Experiences Sequencer Issues, Temporarily Down

  1. I’m impressed by Polygon’s quick response and reassurances. Your commitment to transparency and focus on resolving the zkEVM issue is commendable. Can’t wait to resume my activities on the platform! 🙌💚

  2. Polygon’s reputation is being tarnished by this prolonged downtime of the zkEVM. It’s a huge setback.

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