CryptoPunks Breaks $16M NFT Sale Record

In March, the famous nonfungible token (NFT) collection known as CryptoPunks achieved another incredible sale. A rare alien CryptoPunk, referred to as CryptoPunk #7804, was purchased for approximately $16 million in Ether (ETH). This sale marked the second-highest price ever for a CryptoPunk. Just a few weeks prior, another high-profile NFT sale took place when CryptoPunk #3100 sold for around $16 million in ETH. This transaction was quickly overshadowed by the record-breaking sale of CryptoPunk #7804.

CryptoPunk #7804 is just one of the 10,000 NFTs within the collection. Its value lies in its rarity and unique attributes. This particular CryptoPunk sports a forward-facing cap, a feature found in only 254 other CryptoPunks. It also has a pipe, which is possessed by only 317 NFTs, and small shades, a characteristic shared by just 378 CryptoPunks. What truly sets CryptoPunk #7804 apart is that it is one of only nine alien CryptoPunks.

The seller of this remarkable NFT, known as Peruggia, took to social media to share their thoughts on the sale. Peruggia described it as the “end of an era” and admitted feeling like an imposter for not fully recognizing the piece’s worth sooner. Peruggia had initially purchased the CryptoPunk in March 2021 for $7.5 million and held onto it for over three years, despite receiving offers of around $18 million in 2022. This sale also previously held the record for the second-largest CryptoPunk sale until the two $16 million sales occurred in March.

The CryptoPunk community responded positively to the sale, congratulating Peruggia and expressing appreciation for their decision to hold onto the NFT asset. As a result of the significant sale of CryptoPunk #7804, the sales volume of the entire CryptoPunks collection surpassed other popular NFTs like NodeMonkeys and Mad Lads in the weekly sales rankings. According to NFT data tracker CryptoSlam, CryptoPunks achieved $21.5 million in sales over the last seven days.

The increased prominence of high-profile NFT sales across different blockchain networks has led to a surge in transaction volume for NFTs. In the past 30 days alone, NFTs have experienced a total sales volume of $1.5 billion across multiple blockchains. This trend showcases the growing interest and demand for digital assets and highlights the potential of NFTs as valuable collectibles in the digital world.

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  1. The NFT market is booming! It’s exciting to see the digital world come to life in such a unique way!

  2. NFTs are taking the digital world by storm! $1.5 billion in sales in just 30 days? That’s insane!

  3. NFTs are so boring. I don’t see the appeal and I definitely wouldn’t spend millions on one.

  4. The CryptoPunk community must be ecstatic with this amazing sale! Congrats, Peruggia!

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