Starbucks Halts NFT Program, Ghostface Killah’s Take on Bitcoin Ordinals

Starbucks is ending its NFT rewards program, known as the “Odyssey Beta program,” on March 31. This program allowed customers to collect NFT stamps by playing coffee-related games. Starbucks will continue to operate its Odyssey marketplace, where users can buy and sell digital stamps, under the new name “Nifty Marketplace.”

American rapper Ghostface Killah from the Wu-Tang Clan has announced that he will release exclusive music on the Bitcoin Ordinals platform. The music collection will have a supply of 10,000 and will be available for free. Holders of the NFTs will have Creative Commons Zero rights, allowing them to freely use and build upon the music.

Indian Railways is embracing NFT technology by offering NFT train tickets during the Hindu festival of Holi. Passengers traveling to Delhi between March 20 and April 2 on two newly launched trains will receive their tickets in the form of NFTs. These personalized digital collectibles can be verified on the blockchain, adding a unique and cultural element to the travel experience.

SuperRare, a popular NFT marketplace, is expanding its reach by entering the Bitcoin Ordinals space. In partnership with the art platform Gamma, SuperRare will support multiple blockchains instead of solely relying on Ethereum. This expansion comes in response to a growing interest in Bitcoin NFTs among their artist community. To celebrate the integration, SuperRare has collaborated with artist Killer Acid to launch a Bitcoin-based NFT collection.

The NFT market is continuing to evolve and expand as more industries and artists explore its potential. From Starbucks transitioning its rewards program to Indian Railways offering NFT tickets for a cultural celebration, these developments showcase the versatility and growing popularity of NFTs.

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