Startup Connect: BlockShow X BlockDown Asia 2024 and Cointelegraph Accelerator Bridge Startups and VCs

The upcoming BlockShow X BlockDown conference in Hong Kong is set to bring together venture capital firms and startups in the Web3 and cryptocurrency industry. The event, organized by and EAK Digital, will feature a dedicated Startup Connect conference zone co-organized by Accelerator. Taking place from May 8-9, 2024, the BlockShow X BlockDown festival aims to foster networking and deal flows between startups and venture capitalists. The event will continue for five to seven days and include various activities such as festival stages, gaming and music stages, a multichain Web3 Hackathon, and Startup Connect.

Startup Connect, co-organized by Accelerator and, will provide opportunities for startups to interact with more than 50 venture capitalists through round-robin discussions, workshops, exhibitions, networking spots, and fireside chats. Confirmed venture capitalists include Cypher Capital, Draper Dragon, Polygon Ventures, and Standard Chartered Ventures, among others. With venture funding in the crypto industry on the rise, blockchain startups are eager to connect with venture capitalists to secure funding and explore growth opportunities.

The Startup Connect event will also feature workshops conducted by infrastructure providers and ecosystems in the crypto and Web3 space. Startups will have the chance to win grants and incentives from these providers through networking and active participation. There will be an investor-startup speed dating session designed to quickly connect startups with investors in various verticals, including decentralized finance, social finance, and non-fungible tokens.

BlockShow X BlockDown aims to facilitate meaningful interactions and explore opportunities within the Web3 and crypto landscapes. The festival-like event is expected to provide a platform for startups and venture capital firms to connect, collaborate, and advance the development of the industry.

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