XCAD Founder’s Defense of YouTuber KSI

Oliver Bell, the founder of Xcad Network (XCAD), has defended YouTuber KSI against accusations of engaging in a pump and dump scheme with his digital asset tokens, including XCAD. Crypto investigator ZachXBT had accused KSI of promoting tokens and then selling them shortly after. Bell responded by asserting that KSI had the right to sell his tokens and that he had actually bought more than he sold. Bell also refuted the claim that KSI had engaged in a pump and dump scheme with XCAD.

Bell further stated that KSI had been a valuable contributor to Xcad Network, making introductions and offering suggestions. He clarified that KSI remains an active investor with multiple wallets and has consistently supported the project. In addition to Bell, a fan named Vibhor published a document defending KSI and acknowledged his bias towards the YouTuber. Vibhor compared KSI to CNBC host Jim Cramer, who is known for making calls that often have the opposite effect on assets.

Crypto investigator Coffeezilla remains unconvinced by the defense. In a response video, Coffeezilla argued that KSI’s actions of trading contrary to his statements cannot be justified by comparing him to Jim Cramer. Coffeezilla contended that such behavior is unethical and can be considered a pump and dump scheme. One community member believes that KSI acted maliciously, while another speculates that his association with Logan Paul, who is facing a class-action lawsuit over a nonfungible token collection, may have influenced his actions.

4 thoughts on “XCAD Founder’s Defense of YouTuber KSI

  1. I used to be a fan of KSI, but now I question his motives. It’s disappointing to see someone I looked up to engage in such shady practices. 😔

  2. I trust Oliver Bell’s defense of KSI. Let’s move forward and focus on the growth of XCAD Network!

  3. KSI’s actions are a slap in the face to all the honest and hardworking people in the crypto industry. He’s tarnishing the reputation of legitimate projects.

  4. KSI has always been a reliable investor with multiple wallets. Let’s appreciate his continuous support for the project!

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