South Korea’s Alleged Celebrity Crypto Scandal

South Korea is experiencing a cryptocurrency shame entailing countless stars and also YouTubers who are actually presumably advertising an illegal system. Winnerz, a blockchain sporting activities platform located in South Korea, was actually accused of running a coin con. The allegations were revealed when confidential financiers grumbled that the company was actually issuing artificial cryptocurrency, accumulating financial investments, and protecting against real estate investors from removing their amount of money. The National Police Firm looked out to the plan on February 5, after it was stated to the National Public service previously. Winnerz is actually charged of taking on well-known stars as well as YouTubers to ensure their fraudulent plan, either by purchasing the coins themselves or even hiring additional capitalists for a commission.

Uncertainties about the involvement of personalities in the Winnerz company developed when customers discovered images of famous people like entertainer Na Sun-uk at Winnerz’s year-end gathering. Choi Seung-Jung, a crucial rep of Winnerz that was observed in these pictures along with the celebs, has actually been accused of running various crypto token frauds, including the GDG and TYP coin fraudulence. Making use of celebrities to promote fraudulent plans is actually not exclusive to Korea or the crypto market; it has actually been actually a well-liked tactic used for several years. Prominent amounts like Kim Kardashian as well as Floyd Mayweather have actually faced lawsuit as well as fines for ensuring identical systems.

While the majority of stars accused of involvement in the Winnerz crypto scam have actually denied any type of connection to the company, a couple of have actually admitted to buying the claimed deceitful crypto. Stand-up comic Sun-uk and popular YouTubers Kim Won-hoon as well as Cho Jin-se rejected any kind of financial investment or engagement, saying that their appearance at the occasion resulted from other individual commitments. Korean YouTuber Oh Byeong-min, recognized for his 2 million customers, exposed that he had actually bought the Winnerz venture after individuals uncovered his label provided as one of the company’s supervisors. Due to the dispute bordering the venture, Oh Byeong-min revealed his variation, stating that he had stopped all cooperations along with Winnerz and also possessed no plannings to partner with all of them in the future.

tried to consult with Oh Byeoung Min as well as Won-hoon for reviews however has actually not yet obtained a reaction.

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