Biden’s ‘Laser Eyes’ Meme Goes Viral After Superbowl-for Different Reasons

United States President Joe Biden unintentionally ended up being a rep for Bitcoin after he submitted a photograph of himself with laser device eyes on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. The caption, “just like our team attracted it up,” was in reference to the Kansas Urban area Chiefs’ success over the San Francisco 49ers in the 2024 Super Dish, which had occurred 15 moments prior. Although the laser-eyed image is actually very likely linked to the “Darker Brandon” meme, an on-line personality used by Biden’s advocates to highlight his policy success, lots of crypto aficionados analyzed it as a direct nod to Bitcoin. Bankless deliberated what impact this article can have on the ETH/BTC chart, while an anonymous Twitter individual called WhalePanda accused Biden of social appropriation. The pattern of laser device eyes acquired appeal as portion of an internet initiative to increase Bitcoin’s rate to $100,000 due to the end of 2021, a target that was certainly not satisfied. Prominent figures who earlier sported the laser-eyed appeal include NFL gamer Tom Brady, socialite Paris Hilton, as well as business person Elon Musk.

3 thoughts on “Biden’s ‘Laser Eyes’ Meme Goes Viral After Superbowl-for Different Reasons

  1. President Biden’s laser-eyed photo is a strong symbol of support for the crypto community. This is incredible news!

  2. President Biden joining the laser eyes trend is a game-changer for the crypto world! Let’s see where this takes Bitcoin next!

  3. Biden needs to act like a President, not an internet influencer. This is not the image we want to see from our leader.

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