SEC Blames ‘SIM Swap’ Attack for Hacked X Account Before Bitcoin ETF Approval

The United States Stocks and also Exchange Compensation (SEC) has actually been actually targeted in a SIM swap spell, resulting in an untrue announcement on January 9 that place Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) had actually been actually allowed. Following an inspection, the SEC verified that an unapproved gathering had captured of the SEC telephone number connected with the profile with a SIM swap strike. This permitted the trespasser to reset the security password for the @SECGov account. It is actually currently being actually reviewed just how the enemy convinced the telecommunications company to shift the SIM memory card and also how they understood the contact number connected to the SEC’s profile. The SEC has divulged that multifactor authorization was actually cleared away as an added layer of surveillance just before the happening due to access problems, yet was restored following the assault. The SEC said that there is no documentation to suggest that the cyberpunk accessed some other SEC devices, information, or social media accounts. Surprisingly, on January 10, the SEC formally accepted various spot Bitcoin ETF applications, a lot of which began exchanging on January 11.

2 thoughts on “SEC Blames ‘SIM Swap’ Attack for Hacked X Account Before Bitcoin ETF Approval

  1. This is a major embarrassment for the SEC. They should have been more proactive in preventing such an attack.

  2. The fact that the SEC’s password could be reset just like that is alarming. They should’ve had better protection in place.

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