MiCA Consultation 2.0: European Regulator Releases Second Round

The European regulator, the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), recently published its second consultation on the Markets in Cryptoassets Regulation (MiCA). MiCA is one of the key regulatory proposals aimed at harmonizing the regulation of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets across the European Union (EU).

The first consultation, published in December 2019, laid down the groundwork for the regulation of cryptoassets and the crowdfunding sector. It received feedback from various stakeholders and industry participants, which have now been incorporated into the second consultation paper.

MiCA aims to establish a comprehensive framework for the issuance, custody, and trading of cryptoassets within the EU. It aims to provide legal certainty for market participants engaging in these activities, while also promoting innovation and investor protection. The regulation will cover a wide range of digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, security tokens, and utility tokens.

The second consultation paper delves deeper into the key topics covered in the initial consultation, including the classification of cryptoassets, requirements for authorization and supervision of crypto-asset service providers, and the information to be provided in a whitepaper for cryptoasset issuances.

One of the key aspects of the second consultation is the classification of cryptoassets. MiCA proposes a three-tier classification system: crypto assets that fall under existing financial market regulations, e.g., securities; crypto assets that are not covered by existing regulations but pose similar risks, e.g., utility tokens; and assets that are not covered by existing regulations and do not pose significant risks, e.g., virtual currencies like Bitcoin.

The consultation also focuses on the authorization and supervision of crypto-asset service providers. MiCA introduces a new comprehensive licensing regime for these service providers, including requirements for capital, risk management, and a code of conduct. This aims to ensure that service providers meet certain minimum standards and operate in a professional and responsible manner.

In addition, the whitepaper requirements for crypto-asset issuances have been addressed in the consultation. MiCA proposes that issuers provide clear and easily understandable information about the project, the rights and obligations attached to the cryptoasset, and any risks associated with investing in the asset. This is aimed at enhancing transparency and protecting investors.

The second consultation paper also seeks feedback on numerous other aspects of MiCA, including the regulatory treatment of stablecoins, potential exemptions for small-scale offerings, and the cross-border provision of crypto-asset services.

The responses to the consultation will play a crucial role in shaping the final version of MiCA. The regulatory proposals aim to strike a balance between fostering innovation in the digital asset space and safeguarding investor interests. Achieving this balance is vital for the growth and development of the European crypto-asset market.

It is important to note that MiCA is part of a broader regulatory push by the EU to establish a comprehensive framework for the digital finance sector. Other regulations, such as the Digital Finance Package and the Digital Operational Resilience Act, are also being introduced to create a harmonized and robust regulatory environment for digital financial services.

The publication of the second consultation on MiCA marks another step forward in the EU’s efforts to regulate the cryptoasset industry. The consultation provides the opportunity for stakeholders and industry participants to contribute their insights and shape the regulatory landscape for cryptoassets in Europe. The final version of MiCA is expected to be published in late 2021 or early 2022, and it will then be for member states to implement the regulation into their respective legal frameworks.

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  1. I’m excited to see the progress made by the EU in regulating the cryptoasset industry. MiCA’s comprehensive framework will provide clarity and stability for market participants and pave the way for future growth.

  2. I appreciate the EU’s focus on transparency through the whitepaper requirements. Investors deserve clear and understandable information to make informed decisions about investing in cryptoassets.

  3. This regulation is unnecessary and will only stifle innovation within the crypto industry. 😡🚫

  4. Collaboration between stakeholders and industry participants is crucial in shaping the regulatory landscape. Thank you, MiCA, for providing an opportunity for input and creating a more inclusive and effective framework.

  5. This regulation will not effectively protect investors and will only create unnecessary barriers to entry. 🛡️🚧

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